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Hello hello!~
My name is Nicholas Sayavong, but I also go by TF.541 (or TF541Productions) online, and am the creator of the TFCraft Productions YouTube channel! I am a self-taught 3D Generalist working in the 3DCG medium and I am an avid member of the Five Nights at Freddy's animation community! ​I have been responsible for directing and animating a multitude of video projects and have worked for large-scale YouTube channels such as The Living Tombstone, NateWantsToBattle (Give Heart Records), and Jaze Cinema. Currently, I am a student in the Animation track of AnimSchool.

Local to the San Francisco Bay Area, my passion for animation begins at the age of 9 years old utilizing my current knowledge of computers and technology to create short-form stop-motion animations using my Transformers toys and the Nintendo DSi's camera. My enthusiasm for the Transformers film series and the ingenious work of the artists at Industrial Light and Magic featured in each film's behind-the-scenes sections inevitably lead me down the path of learning about 3D animation. While my 11-year-old self only had the capability of creating crude renders and basic animation, it gave me a new perspective on how I am able to give life to the inanimate; and it was an interest that would change the course of my life and who I am.

While my interest in the 3DCG medium was high from a young age and I was self-learning sparsely, much of my adolescence was also occupied with schoolwork and playing video games for hours at a time. It wasn't until 2015 that an indie horror video-game franchise would come around to give me new opportunities I could have only imagined in the past: Five Nights at Freddy's. Through this game series, I was able to learn and work in almost all roles in a 3D production and have expanded my skillset from being an amateur animator into a 3D Generalist. Thanks to the ongoing support from other community members and friends, I have excelled in my craft and in turn have been encouraged to contribute over 700 Source Engine-ready models for animation so that I may also help newcomers to the medium to start creating. 

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