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TheMask scenebuild megapack (b3d)


TheMask - Original Author of the Model Pack

Harry101UK - Source 2 Model Port

TF.541 - Blender Ports and Organization

Eagle - Blender Porting Python Script

Addons Used:

Asset Builder v2

Asset Browser Utilities

Created by TheMask, one of the most popular scenebuildings SFM kits is now available in Blender! 18GB in size and packed with 7,500+ models all neatly organized and ready for use!

After weeks of trucking through and porting everything from S2FM to Blender, I'm finally happy to be able to share this resource for anyone currently using Blender; or for anyone looking to start using Blender but are taken aback by having to gather models one by one. I've spent many hours making this library pack as easy to use from folder structure, to tagging every model for easy searching, and for using Blender's native asset browser.


I could not port all of these models without the efforts of Harry101UK, for porting to Source 2, and for my friend Eagle, for writing up a python script for me to cut out a lot of a prep work of the models in Blender. A very special thank you to the both of them!

I hope you all can make use out of this pack and I thank you for stopping by :)


Download Links:


Sadly I'm not able to comment about the license use of the asset pack as I was not the person who created/ported the models. 

In fact, I haven't found much information about the person who did.

These models were used in community fan-made films made in games (machinima) and were available in Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker originally, I just ported them to Blender to make them even more accessible.


From what I can tell, the original files/forum for this asset pack was lost when the Facepunch forums went down, and the original SFM/GMOD files have just been shared around through mediafire/mega links and on other Source Game forums.

There are props in the asset pack that are undoubtedly game-rip models that are labeled with copywritten places like "Gotham" or how every bobble head is a Fallout character. Thus I'm not sure what's originally created for the pack, what's copywritten from a game, or if it's all even original.


Great for populating a scene in the background of machinimas! But probably not for close up shots or use in commercial productions. What I vehemently believe, however, is that because this asset pack has been a resource for the Source Engine community for many years, it should remain that way and in no way should be sold for monetary value.


As of April 14th, all the downloads are hosted only on Gumroad, Mediafire, and (because y'all got my Dropbox/Google Drive account banned LOL). Gumroad has the option to either download the whole pack at once, or in 3 parts and this is where I will show you how to extract the Asset Library from the three parts. You will be required to have WinRar installed.

1) It's honestly quite simple! Once all three parts are downloaded, put them in a folder, select all of them, right click, go into the Winrar menu, and press "Extract Here".

After it does its thing, it should output the Asset Pack folder and a ReadMe File! After that, you can follow the instructions below as to how to install the asset pack in Blender!

Screenshot 2024-04-13 153116.png


1) Some objects in the asset library actually get spawned in as a collection. Any asset marked as a collection actually have controls you can use for animation or posing. To access these controls, bring the asset into your scene, select the object, open the search menu, and then search for "Make Instances Real". 

Screenshot 2024-04-12 143542.png
Screenshot 2024-04-12 185109.png

2) Because the models derive from Source 1 SFM, many of the materials for the assets only have an albedo and normal map. It's recommended to use higher quality assets for objects that need to be in front of the camera's focus.


1) Download the model pack. Create a "Blender Assets" folder in a safe space on your PC. Open the .zip file and drag and drop the folder into your newly created "Blender Assets" folder.


2) Open Blender and navigate to "Preferences". In the "Preferences" window, go down to "File Paths" and there we will see the "Asset Libraries" tab. In that tab, click on the + symbol to add a new Library.


3) After clicking the + symbol, a window should pop up where you can add in a directory. Navigate to the "TheMask Scenebuild MegaPack" folder in the Blender Asset directory we made back in Step 1. Enter the file, but DO NOT enter any others. When in the folder, you should see the "Preview Images" folder. Just click "Add Asset Library" and nothing more.


4) After that, save your preferences and you're done! If you open up the asset browser window, you should be greeted with the full library ready for use!

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